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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World renowned physicist Albert Einstein criticized the establishment of Israel on Palestinian land in May 1948.

A month before Israel was founded by David ben-Gurion, on April 10 1948, Einstein had already been critical of the establishment of the Jewish State. This attitude was expressed in a letter shown to Shepard Rifkin, Executive Director of American Friends of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel.

In the 50-word letter, Albert said that Israel’s establishment had brought real disaster to Palestine. Regarding this, Einstein said there were two parties who had to be responsible.

“When the real and final disaster befell us in Palestine, the first responsible for it was England and the second responsible for it, the terrorist organization built from our own ranks,” said Einstein.

On this basis, Einstein said he did not want to be associated with people who were misleading and criminal regarding the founding of Israel. Unfortunately, the views and attitudes of the man born March 14 1879 became a thing of the past.

After all, we all now know that Israel was still established as a sovereign state on May 14, 1948. However, this fact did not weaken Einstein’s critical views regarding the founding of Israel.

Seven months later, Einstein and 29 other well-known US figures wrote an open letter to The New York Times. The letter was then published by the New York Times on December 4, 1948 entitled “New Palestine Party: Visit of Menachem Begin and Aims of Political Movement Discussed”.

The key points of the letter were criticism of the establishment of the Harerut Party in Israel and Israeli PM Mencahem Begin’s visit to the US. According to them, the party is similar to the Nazi party. In fact, it specifically called it a “terrorist party”.

“The Freedom Party in the newly created state of Israel, a political party whose organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal closely resemble those of the Nazi and fascist parties,” the letter said.

Then, regarding Begin’s visit to the US, they opposed it because this gave the impression of US support for the party which would strengthen US-Israel relations. If it gets closer, the practical existence of Palestine will clearly be disrupted.

On this basis, said Einstein et al, everyone should not support this party’s steps.

“Therefore, the undersigned (Einstein et al), use this method to publicly present several important facts regarding Begin and his party, and urge all parties not to support this latest manifestation of fascism,” concluded the letter.

According to journalist Yvonne Ridley who researched Einstein’s letters in the Middle East Monitor column, these letters indicate that Einstein predicted the country’s future destruction. Even though this statement was made when Israel was just being founded.

In Ridley’s view, Einstein wrote the letter out of disgust at the violence that occurred with the founding of the state of Israel in 1948. Because of this disgust, he never visited the land of Israel and rejected the offer to become President of Israel in 1952.

“For Einstein, Israel was formed from gun barrels, dynamite and the blood of Palestinians,” Ridley wrote.

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