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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of applications on Android and iPhone software services continue to be infiltrated by malware viruses. This virus can steal the cellphone owner’s data, including money in bank accounts or digital wallets.

Belgian police recently discovered eight applications suspected of being infiltrated by the Joker malware virus. Smartphone users who have this application are asked to delete it or it could be stolen by virus makers.

The eight applications announced by the Belgian police are:

1. Auxiliary Message

2. Element Scanner

3. Fast Magic SMS

4. Free CamScanner

5. Go Messages

6. Super Message

7. Super SMS

8. Travel Wallpapers

This application was available in the Google Play Store, but has been removed from the application store. However, danger still lurks if users who have installed the application have not yet deleted it.

This virus, which comes from the Bread malware family, can steal victims’ money and authorize cellphone operations without the user’s consent.

The Joker virus can cause cellphones to be linked to paid services without the user’s permission. Even banks will not be suspicious of this practice of presenting victims with abnormal bills.

“You will be surprised to see the bill on your bank account or credit card at the end of the month,” said a statement from the Belgian Police, quoted on Sunday (19/11/2023).

The Joker virus was discovered in 2017 and infiltrated thousands of applications on the Play Store. Google is known to try to scan and remove these malicious applications.

Reportedly, Google has found 1,700 applications that have been removed. Meanwhile, last September 2020, there were 24 Android applications that had the Joker virus and were downloaded 500 thousand times before being deleted. At that time it was estimated that Joker was already in 30 countries including the US, Brazil and Spain.

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