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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Differences in views regarding ideals, financial problems, or third parties, and other problems can certainly make the household ship adrift. And it is possible that the conflict will lead to divorce.

As long as you are still married, household finances will probably feel more secure because there is shoulder to shoulder between husband and wife.

But what happens if there is a divorce? Know, whatever happens to parents, children must come first.

The relationship between husband and wife can end but the relationship between parents and children is lifelong. Children are the legal heirs to their parents’ assets.

So what is an effective financial management strategy for a divorced couple with three children, especially for women? Here’s the review.

Remind yourself of your commitment & don’t just depend on your divorce income

No matter how bad the problem that triggers the divorce, when a couple has children, the commitment to ensure the child’s life must remain.

Talking about maintenance after divorce, women actually still have rights in the form of maintenance from their ex-husband, especially if the couple is Muslim. These rules are also listed in the Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI).

However, be aware that if your ex-husband is economically unable to support his wife and children, then the court may ask the wife to contribute her income for the sake of the children.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep looking for other income outside of this income so that your personal finances remain safe in the future.

With a fixed income, emergency funds can be collected, protection can be purchased, and investments can go according to plan.

Emergency fund six times monthly expenses

Your dependents are not small, therefore provide an emergency fund of at least six times your monthly expenses. Start saving an emergency fund from your income every month.

If you intend to have an emergency fund equivalent to nine or 12 times your monthly expenses, that is certainly better.

Make sure every child has health insurance

Be aware that illness can cause new financial problems because the cost of treatment is certainly not cheap. Don’t let your savings be drained just because of expensive medical treatment.

Make sure your children and yourself have minimum health insurance in the form of BPJS Health. If there are more costs, it is not wrong to buy health insurance for at least the inpatient type.

Focus on protection first, before investing

Investment is indeed important, but because you have more than one dependent, protection is the main thing that must be achieved first.

It is not wrong to postpone investing first, before good financial protection is created. Because at times like these, a financial foundation is the most important thing to build.

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