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Nusa Dua, CNBC Indonesia – The 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia Megawati Soekarnoputri received the highest award from the ASEAN Federation of Engineers Organization (AFEO). The AFEO Distinguished Honorary Patron award was given directly at the opening ceremony of the 41st Conference of the AFEO (CAFEO) at the Westin Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Wednesday (22/11/2023).

On that occasion, Megawati motivated the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) to strive to produce pioneer engineers, who think and produce not only something useful for the future, but also grounded in accordance with the needs of the Indonesian people.

“This is where I ask that PII can produce pioneering engineers; engineers who not only think forward, but are grounded in what the people need,” he said.

Megawati admitted that she wanted to awaken the fighting spirit of Indonesian engineers, so that they would become a force for the transformation of the Indonesian people through mastery of engineering sciences.

He then told the story of the construction of Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) in Jakarta, which was carried out using the bracelet technique, which was a relatively new technique at that time. At that time, young Indonesian engineers who were working asked to meet the president because they couldn’t stand it and didn’t understand this new knowledge.

“Bung Karno answered, you can’t resign. I am an engineer who was able to create the Indonesian state. We have just seen the bracelet technique, and we already want to resign. I think that is extraordinary motivation,” said Megawati.

The role of engineers is very important for Indonesia to progress. Everyone knows that Indonesia’s homeland is very rich with a variety of minerals and electrical energy sources, flora and fauna, and the diversity of Indonesia’s biological riches is even the largest in the world.

However, what is currently lacking is the thinking power and fighting power so that we can stand on our own feet. “If other people can, why can’t we, after all, we are both human beings,” added Megawati.

With that same spirit, Megawati admitted that she was fighting to encourage the birth of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). This agency is very important in accelerating the mastery of science and technology, through research and innovation.

“Research and innovation are ways to move quickly for a superior Indonesia through self-reliance. In order to realize this determination,” he said.

In these various research activities, research is carried out, model building and scaling-up, up to the design and construction of production systems. That is the chain of discovery that should be useful for the people and build the nation’s progress.

“The whole process is very closely related to engineering skills. This is where I ask that PII can produce pioneering engineers; engineers who not only think forward, but are grounded in what the people need,” said Megawati, re-emphasizing her message.

For this reason, Megawati stated that Indonesian engineers must have the courage to take the initiative, and be determined to master the most up-to-date engineering knowledge, and apply it for the Fast Movement of the Nation’s Superior Power. He really understands that this process requires learning costs, and even contains risks.

“But if we don’t start and dare to try, when else will we be able to be independent? Here I challenge PII to have the courage to take that responsibility, so that the engineering profession can truly carve out a tradition of achievement in developing the country. It is time for us to have the courage to put the fate of the nation in charge and our homeland is in our own hands,” said Megawati.

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