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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) received a number of delegates from the 9th MIKTA Speakers Consultation at the Merdeka Palace, Monday (20/11/2023). During the meeting, the MIKTA delegation was accompanied by the Chair of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani.

“Just now, I as chairman of Mikta Indonesia Parliament met with the president together with the chairman of the DPR from Korea, Turkey, the chairman of the senate from Australia and representatives of members of the DPR from Mexico met with the president,” said Puan when giving a press statement.

Mikta is a group of middle power countries consisting of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia. Later, the DPR leaders of this group will meet at the MIKTA Speakers Consultation event at the Kempinski Hotel today.

“After this we will open a Mikta meeting which will discuss matters related to world peace, including independence or what is happening in Gaza, Palestine. So we agreed that we at Mikta must maintain unity,” he said.

Puan explained that what the President said still explained Indonesia’s position which continues to support peace in Palestine.

Apart from that, the meeting also discussed climate change.

“Regarding climate change, we will also discuss matters related to the international and regional world. Mikta, as one of the organizations or middle countries in the world, agrees or is committed that peace in the world is very important, we will work together to protect it,” said Mrs.

“Likewise, how to maintain the existing economy in the world so that the existing global chain can run well as we hope,” he continued.

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