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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Director of PT Jalin Payment Nusantara Ario Tejo Bayu Aji said that his party continues to innovate and adapt to the latest financial trends and community needs. One of the innovations is also in line with Bank Indonesia’s steps, namely the QR transaction product cross borders between countries.

Now Indonesian people in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore can make transactions using QRIS. That way, there is no need to bother carrying cash and exchanging it at a money changer. After these three countries, Ario said the plan is that next year QRIS can be used in China and Saudi Arabia.

“It doesn’t stop there, this QR continues to be developed and next year it will be opened and we will be able to interconnect with China and Saudi Arabia. This will be interesting, because many tourists and workers there can take advantage of this,” said Ario on Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards ‘Best Financial Services’, Monday (20/11/2023).

Apart from cross border QR, Jalin is also preparing for the presence of eyes digital money. His party is now monitoring and preparing, so that if Bank Indonesia launches a digital currency, Jalin will also be ready.

According to him, digital transformation in the financial industry means that the industry must collaborate, not just compete. The reason is, each company usually has the advantages that each other needs.

“For example, Himbara and private banks must be interconnected because transactions are unlimited,” he said.

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