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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The insurance technology (insurtech) company FUSE is recorded as having issued more than 150 million policies with gross premiums of up to IDR 3 trillion in 2022.

This achievement cannot be separated from FUSE’s efforts to encourage accelerated digitalization in various aspects of the company’s operations.

Founder & CEO of FUSE Andy Yeung said that his party will continue to do so in the future up to date with current technological developments, for example Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With existing technological developments, FUSE will continue to look at how to refresh the business and use it for more sustainable product innovation.

“For example, what we call a robot automation process to make several internal processes more efficient, not only for our own potential for our users as well,” he said in the Road to CNBC Indonesia Best Telco and Tech Companies, Thursday (23/11/2023 ).

Apart from that, the company will also focus its business on making digital insurance products more affordable and accessible to everyone.

“I think now they’re also looking at the possibility of more affordable health products for the general public. We’re trying to better understand our customers to see what kind of product insights we can generate from the data we’ve collected as well” he explained.

Furthermore, according to him, the Indonesian market still has great potential to be explored. This is due to rapid market growth and public awareness of having insurance after the Covid-19 pandemic.

He revealed that FUSE will also expand to other Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand. He said the characteristics of these two countries were similar to Indonesia. For this reason, his party will try to implement the innovations and products that have been achieved in Indonesia.

“That’s why since 2022, we have expanded our coverage. We have reached the field. And then we found candidates (countries) that have the potential to expand further to several new countries in Southeast Asia,” he concluded.

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