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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Celebrating its 8th anniversary, Shopee is again presenting its iconic campaign, 12.12 Birthday Sale. Collaborating with JKT48 as the star in the latest TV advertisement, this year-end closing campaign is a form of Shopee’s appreciation for the contribution of the entire ecosystem, namely buyers, brand partners, local business actors and content creators.

The series of campaigns, which will run from 13 November to 12 December 2023, will feature a series of special promos such as a Free Shipping Party of IDR 0, a Promo Festival and an End of Year Bonus of IDR 12 Billion.

Head of Brands Management & Digital Product Shopee Indonesia, Daniel Minardi said, since its initial presence in society in 2015, Shopee has had a mission to improve the quality of life of its users, both buyers and business people.

Along with the enormous potential offered by digital transformation, which in that year began to attract a lot of public attention.

“We believe that this development will also be followed by the birth of solutions and new opportunities. Shopee has presented various collaboration programs, initiatives and innovative features as a concrete form of our commitment to become a forum that supports and prioritizes the needs of the entire ecosystem,” he said, Saturday (17/ 11/2023).

Shopee Creates Consistent Growth Throughout the Ecosystem

Shopee’s role and function is more than just an extension of hands between sellers and buyers. The significant opportunities and influences presented through initiative programs and various feature innovations over the past 8 years have had different impacts felt by each ecosystem in Indonesia.

Understanding the characteristics of shopping behavior and people’s needs is one of the main keys to being able to present an online shopping destination that offers the best experience. Shopee continues to move along with technological advances, changes in shopping behavior, market dynamics and ever-evolving user needs and preferences.

Here are some of Shopee’s initiatives in the past 8 years:

Moving is the solution

The Indonesian market has extraordinary potential, not only because of its vast territory and abundant population, but also driven by the rapid growth of online shopping trends.

Realizing this potential, since its inception Shopee has consistently used strategy customer-focused approach to provide a platform and a solution that can offer an easy and seamless online shopping experience, starting from browsing goods, check outuntil it reaches the buyer’s hands. This also encourages Shopee to collaborate with many parties such as logistics and banks to provide a variety of payment and delivery options according to each user’s preferences.

Meet the needs of all users

Not only does it stand alone, innovative offers and features are also presented along with a series of campaigns that carry different themes. The excitement of year-end festivals starting from 9.9 Super Shopping Day to 12.12 Birthday Sale is a series that has been utilized by users to get maximum benefits to meet their needs for a long time.

The series of campaigns also developed, carrying different themes. Through the 3.3 Grand Fashion Sale, Big Ramadan Sale, 6.6 Mega Electronic Sale, 8.8 Beauty & Fashion Festival, this year Shopee is trying to present solutions to meet the needs of certain moments and categories.

At the same time, the positive impact is not only felt by buyers, but also continues to offer opportunities for business actors in each category to increase their exposure. Apart from that, features or programs that are users’ favorites have also been used as themes for several campaigns, including COD 2.2 Sale and 7.7 Live Bombastic Sale. This not only fulfills needs, but also increases engagement and interaction.

Create positive impact & drive potential

Being an extension between sellers and buyers is the main function presented through the Shopee platform. The increasing public interest in making online shopping an alternative to shopping is a major factor in the growing existence of local brands and MSMEs in Indonesia who use Shopee to increase online presenceand reach a wider market.

Paying attention to the importance of providing opportunities to continue to develop business, Shopee presents a number of initiatives to provide upstream to downstream assistance for local business actors. Starting from the birth of the Shopee MSME Campus and the Shopee MSME Export Campus, which are now spread across various cities, were presented to provide education, training and assistance for MSMEs directly from the Dedicated Shopee team.

Aware of the great potential that local brands and Indonesian MSMEs have, Shopee has also initiated the Shopee Export Program to help local business actors reach overseas markets by opening export access to Southeast Asia, East Asia and Latin America.

Seradia Public Relations, Nafiatul Iza said, it doesn’t feel like it has been 4 years since they joined Shopee in 2019, and Shopee has played a big role in Seradia’s business journey.

The various Shopee programs and campaigns that we participate in have helped us to continue to grow. With each Shopee campaign, user enthusiasm for Seradia products increases significantly. At the peak of 9.9 Super Shopping Day, orders for Seradia products increased by as much as 10 times more than normal days. This achievement was also seen in yesterday’s 10.10 Brands Festival campaign.

“Apart from that, thanks to the Shopee Export Program, Seradia has the opportunity to expand our sales reach overseas country. We are also proud because through Shopee, Seradia can show qualitymuslim fashionauthentic Indonesian to consumers in international markets,” he concluded.

At this 12.12 Birthday Sale, Seradia will present various promotions, such as discounts of up to 60% for selected products, purchase vouchers with no minimum shopping, and there will be a collection of Seradia collaboration products launched exclusively on Shopee.

Celebrate the excitement at Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale

After previously collaborating on the 11.11 Big Sale campaign, Shopee is again collaborating with JKT48, represented by Zee JKT48, Freya JKT48, Gracia JKT48 and Christy JKT48 to be part of the vibrant 12.12 Birthday Sale campaign.

JKT48 members said that Shopee’s presence apart from helping meet needs, also presents an opportunity to help everyone develop, including JKT48.

“Starting from allowing us to collaborate and interact with fans through live streamingon Shopee, and also through events such as the TV Show where we had the opportunity to appear with a number of top Indonesian artists. Besides, not long ago we were also new grand launchJKT48 Official Store on Shopee which of course makes it easier for our fans to buy official merchandiseJKT48 practically and of course while taking advantage of various attractive offers on Shopee!,” he explained.

To further complement the excitement and excitement that closes the series of end-of-year shopping festivals, Shopee has prepared a special 12-round special GEBYAR PROMO at Shopee, ShopeePay, SPayLater, Seabank & Shopee Food, namely Shopping Promo up to 1.2 million, QRIS Shopee Pay & SPayLater Promo , Open an Account & Save and get 120 RB Seabank, ShopeeFood Menu starting from 12 RB, and various other interesting bank promos.

Not only that, especially during this 12.12 campaign, users can enjoy the best offers, Cheap Shopee Live Discounts twice a day, namely at 12.00 and 20.00 WIB. Note the promo and time, don’t miss it!

Check out other surprises and further information about the 12.12 Birthday Sale at

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